Dr. P. Marcantonio & Associates would like to welcome you to their Riverview Optometry Clinic!

Our team is here to offer Eye Health and Eye Wear.

Dr. P. Marcantonio & Associates – Riverview Optometrist Clinic

Since 1975, Dr. P. Marcantonio & Associates have been faithfully serving Riverview and the surrounding Greater Moncton area at 715 Coverdale Road. Dr. Marcantonio has been practicing for 40 years and during that time he has traveled the world volunteering his time, delivering eyewear and screening vision for those in remote areas.

Our clinic is equipped with the newest technology to diagnose, monitor and manage specific eye conditions. All patients have retinal photographs and our doctors will give you a ‘tour of your eyes.’ We do not use an air puff tonometer to test eye pressures, rather a new small handheld iCare tonometer which is fast and effective as a screening.

We have a wide variety of eyeglasses, designer frames, sunglasses and contact lenses from the best quality brands in the industry. We carry the latest styles from Europe and the United States. With over 500 frames to choose from, there is certainly something for everyone of all ages.

Trust our team to help you choose the right fit for your eyecare needs.